AND believes that historic preservation is an indispensable component of a holistic community development strategy.

Most of the buildings in our portfolio date to the early 20th century. These buildings, with regular investment and renewal, have entered the 21st century continuing to provide affordable housing to low- and moderate-income Northern Manhattan residents. 

As we proceed with our 
Ascendant Heritage Apartments project, we are faithfully restoring these buildings and replacing lost architectural details. When the project is complete, residents and the community will experience both beautiful new homes and revitalized streetscapes. 
With our  Ascendant Heritage Apartments project, we faithfully restored 359 apartments and six commercial spaces across 21 buildings in the AND portfolio, replaced lost architectural details. In August 2021, Affordable Housing Finance Magazine picked Ascendant Heritage for overall Best in Preservation. The project was featured in their July/August 2021 issue:  AHF Magazine Best in Preservation Award Feature.
Beyond the rehabilitation of our own portfolio, we have expanded our historic preservation work through our participation in the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan, the 126th Street Bus Depot Task Force (Harlem African Burial Ground Memorial and Mixed-Use Project), and becoming the fiscal sponsor and member of the  Landmark East Harlem coalition
We have increased our advocacy on behalf of threatened historic properties across Northern Manhattan. With our partners in Landmark East Harlem, we have had significant success in raising awareness about the rich tapestry of historic resources in East Harlem.
Since late 2017, our work has contributed to the LPC designation of three new individual landmarks in East Harlem and the official National Register Listing of the first East Harlem Historic district, encompassing over 650 properties. Property owners within it are now eligible for federal and state historic rehabilitation tax credits. Work is currently underway for two more proposed survey areas: East Harlem South/El Barrio HD and East-Central Harlem HD. 
Ascendant Neighborhood Development is the 501.c3 fiscal sponsor of Landmark East Harlem (LEH). LEH was formed to give the community of East Harlem an ongoing voice in how our neighborhood is developed and to support development that preserves the unique cultural and historical significance of the neighborhood. Landmark East Harlem believes that historic preservation is an indispensable component of a holistic community development strategy. Since 2019, AND has funded all staffing, grant management, and preservation consultants for LEH and has lead the RFE application process and advocated with neighborhood preservation partners. 

Join us for an elegant evening at the Museum of the City of New York as we celebrate our exceptional honorees + share new designs + projects + initiatives with you!

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