Since its founding in 1988, Ascendant Neighborhood Development (AND) has supported the stabilization and growth of East and Central Harlem communities, advocated for preservation of affordable housing, and helped thousands of New Yorkers live with dignity and respect.

Since then, AND has renovated and redeveloped 22 vacant and underutilized buildings to provide much-needed housing, built five new buildings – including three buildings exclusively for low-income elders – and supported the transformation of entire blocks that had suffered from neglect and decay during widespread disinvestment in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today, Harlem, Northern Manhattan, and communities across New York City are reckoning with a new kind of housing challenge, as rapid increases in market-rate residential and commercial development propel speculation, drive up rents, and encourage tenant harassment and displacement.

As we enter our fourth decade, AND is meeting these new challenges head on. We are rehabilitating and refinancing our existing buildings to preserve long-term affordability and enhance our residents’ quality of life. We are launching new and innovative projects that will expand housing opportunity for all.
 Thank you for helping us to build homes and raise up communities in NYC.
You can read more about our work, impact, and upcoming projects in our What We Do  section, and please reach out with any questions or suggestions for projects we can support at info@ascendant.nyc. Thank you for helping us to build homes and raise up communities in NYC.