Updating a Slider

From the WP Admin are, click “SlidersPack” in the sidebar.

Hover over the slider you want to edit, then click “Edit”.


Click ‘Remove Gallery Images” to remove ALL images from the current slider.

Click the “X” on a single image to remove that specific image.

Click “Gallery Images” to add new images to the slider.

Click on an image to select it. You’ll know an image is selected if there is a “checkmark” on the top right corner of the image.

To select multiple images, first hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, then click the images you wish to add.

Click “Add to Gallery” to add the images to the slider and exit the “Add Images to Gallery” menu.

Each slider type has different settings. For “full-width” slider, type “full” into the “Slider Media Size” field.

Arrow” will control whether navigational arrows appear on the slider.

Pagination” is whether navigational dots appear on the slider.

Autoplay” controls whether the slider advances by itself.

Autoplay Speed” controls how quickly the slider advances. 1000 = 1 second.

Speed” controls how quickly the slides change if you click a navigation button.

Loop” controls whether or not the slider loops, or whether it “stops” at either end when advancing.

Caption” controls whether or not to display the caption added to the image via the Media Gallery.

Link Target” controls whether an image link opens in a new browser tab, or the same one the visitor is currently viewing.

Fancy Box Enable” controls whether clicking on an image creates a “lightbox”. Where a larger version on the image is displayed on top of a black background.

Click “Update” to save your changes.

To add the slider to a page, you can copy the “shortcode”. Do not use the “Template Code”.

Paste the code into a page or post. Then click “Update”. When someone views the page, that code will be replaced with the image slider.

If the shortcode doesn’t seem to be working try adding it while in “Text”/HTML view. If the shortcode ends up with formatting such as font-size, bold, left-align, etc. it may be treated as regular text and ignored by the Sliderspack plugin.

Creating a Slider

Creating a new slider is almost exactly the same as editing an existing slider. However, for step two you’ll click “Add slider” instead of clicking “Edit” on one of the existing sliders.

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