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Founded in 2013, the Northern Manhattan Collaborative (NMC) is an alliance of five organizations active in affordable housing and community development in Northern Manhattan. NMC’s member organizations are mission-driven non-profits whose work is focused on serving the housing and other needs of the predominantly low-income and minority communities of Northern Manhattan. Through development and preservation of affordable housing; support for local businesses; provision of services for youth, seniors, and other vulnerable populations; and engagement in community planning efforts, the NMC works to strengthen the neighborhoods of Northern Manhattan.

The NMC’s member organizations – all of which were founded in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, when the area’s housing stock was suffering from disinvestment and neglect – collectively own 42 projects, 158 buildings, and more than 2,700 affordable apartments in Northern Manhattan. The Collaborative also has several new developments in the pipeline that will add upwards of 300 new apartments to the neighborhood. The NMC’s collective portfolio contributes considerably to the affordable housing landscape of the community: 32% of East Harlem’s blocks have at least one NMC building, and 2,754 of the 55,000 total residential units in East Harlem are owned by NMC members.

While affordable housing development and preservation is common to the missions of all five NMC organizations, the Collaborative’s service activity extends far beyond housing.The NMC serves upwards of 4,000 community members each year through educational support, workforce training programs and social service provisions. Through an ongoing project with Hester Street Collaborative, the NMC is exploring how it can leverage its presence in the community to support neighborhood stabilization initiatives laid out in the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan.  The plan will recommend strategies for preserving affordable housing in East Harlem as the neighborhood absorbs significant new development following a recent rezoning.The plan will also explore opportunities to encourage connectivity among the neighborhood’s existing built and social resources. Read more about the project here.

NMC Members


The 116th St. Block Association was organized in 1976 and incorporated in 1979 by a group of local residents and community leaders to combat the devastating effects of crime, drugs, unemployment, and bank disinvestments on East Harlem. The association was created to develop tenants’ potential through challenging and meaningful workshops, leadership, tenant/landlord relations, and housing advocacy. 116th St. also provides housing management and assistance services to ensure the development and maintenance of adequate and affordable housing. The Association primarily serves persons below the median annual income, elders, and immigrants.

Contact: Hilda Candy Vives-Vasquez


Ascendant Neighborhood Development  builds homes, engages community members, and partners with allies to raise up neighborhoods that provide stability and access to opportunity for all. Since its founding in 1988, AND has supported the stabilization and growth of East and Central Harlem communities, advocated for preservation of affordable housing, and helped thousands of New Yorkers live with dignity and respect.

Contact: Chris Cirillo 


The mission of El Barrio’s Operation Fightback (EBOF) is to develop and manage affordable housing projects through new construction, renovation projects, as well as partnering with and assisting other owners with repositioning their projects to take advantage of tools and resources available through local, state and federal programs. EBOF also provides supportive services, education, advocacy, and economic development opportunities for tenants and other low-income families in East Harlem in order to support families and promote neighborhood development.

Contact: Gus Rosado

El Barrio’s Operation Fightback


Hope Community, Inc. (Hope) is a community-based not-for-profit affordable housing organization. Founded in 1968, the organization also enriches the lives of the people who live and work in East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods through cultural arts, economic development, and social service alliances. Hope seeks to rebuild the physical infrastructure of East Harlem by creating attractive, high-quality affordable rental and owner-occupied housing. Hope seeks to strengthen the neighborhood’s social fabric by assisting in the growth and success of local businesses, by assisting residents to enhance their lives and incomes, and by sponsoring community programs.

Contact: Walter Roberts


Youth Action Programs and Homes is dedicated to building a community of young people and adults committed to taking responsibility for their own lives and for improving the larger community. YAPH offers an array of services to East Harlem youth, including high school equivalency testing preparation, vocational training, and job and college placement assistance.

Contact: Robert Taylor

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